A Systematic Approach to Problem Solving

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A philosophy, methodology, and set of techniques for solving problems.

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The field of problem solving is rich with many specific methodologies. The number is so large that it is impossible to know them all. The need for a unique general approach exists but creating such an approach is challenging: Is it possible? “A Systematic Approach to Problem Solving” is just such a general approach. This comprehensive pocket guide describes the different steps of the approach, along with the tools and methods to be used at each step to successfully address the many types of problems you will encounter.

The approach detailed in this book was first developed by the author as a business strategy development tool. The initial aim was to provide a step-by-step method to clarify complex industrial situations and to break them into projects of value for the management. During many years of successful application and improvement the approach developed into a useful methodology for also solving personal, social, and political problems in life.

It has been improved through many years of teaching at the University of Grenoble UIAD and has proven that it can be successfully applied to most if not all the problems that you will encounter in life.

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The Author, François Régis Boutin, teaches the “Systematic Approach to Problem Solving” methodology at the University of Grenoble, UIAD. He is a scientist with an education as an INSA Engineer in Lyon. He earned a PhD in Physics at Sorbonne, Paris, and an MBA at Grenoble University. He has gained much experience from a broad variety of roles and responsibilities: as a French Naval Officer, an elected official of a community, and 20 years of industrial research and project management with Pechiney in Grenoble, France. François finished his career in charge of the technical development group at American National Can, Chicago, responsible for the strategy and development in packaging.


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