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The TWI Memory Jogger describes in detail timeless supervisory skills to help you build your team and achieve your organization’s mission. Adapted from the Training Within Industry (TWI) program, this Memory Jogger is filled with practical tips derived from training over 1,000 supervisors and provides a thorough introduction and reference for new and experienced practitioners of the TWI “J” programs: Job Relations, Job Instruction, and Job Methods. With detailed explanations of each Important Step, Key Point, and Reasons, the book will help develop successful supervisors and enable them to stay true to the intent of the TWI program while adapting it to their specific circumstances.

Learn how Job Relations can help you strengthen the relationship between you and your team. The book describes how to build a strong foundation for that relationship. It also provides a proven and repeatable structure for dealing with problems that arise – situations that, if ignored, will hurt the organization’s ability to perform. The Job Relations module is built on a four-step problem-solving model. By applying it, you can address any issue that involves the people in your team.

Experience how to teach skills to employees (or anyone) in the Job Instruction module. The book covers the three key components: how to create a training plan, how to break down a job into teachable elements, and how to deliver instruction so that the new skills are learned. You will learn how to use this skill of Job Instruction in several different situations: when you need to stabilize how a process is operating, when you hire or promote people, when you introduce new products, and when you introduce new production methods.

Job Methods, making the very best use of the people, material, and machines that you have available to you now in covered in detail in part four of the book. Job methods helps you make the work easier for your team and support your company’s mission. You will use this skill set regularly in your area of responsibility whenever you are striving to improve the use you make of your people, material, and equipment.

Start enhancing your supervisory skills today with the help of The TWI Memory Jogger.

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This book is also available in digital format in the Memory Jogger Digital Library. With just a few clicks on your phone, tablet, or computer you can read through chapters or jump right to the section you are looking for with ease. You can also easily resize the text or graphics to suit your viewing style, make notes, and add links to examples, either private or across a group. Never be without your Memory Jogger again!

GOAL/QPC can also design custom covers for this Memory Jogger to match your company colors and branding and include a message from your company executives about the importance of the role of the supervisor in your organization.

The Author, Hugh Alley, a leading consultant and frequent conference speaker, makes improvements wherever he is situated. An industrial engineer, he has run five manufacturing plants, several warehouses, trained thousands of supervisors and consulted with hundreds of firms.

ISBN Pocket size (3.5″ x 5.5″): 978-1-57681-246-4

ISBN Desktop size (5″ x 7″): 978-1-57681-247-1

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Hugh R. Alley, GOAL/QPC





Publication Date

March 16th 2022

1 review for The TWI Memory Jogger

  1. Tucker Kaas

    My company hired Hugh to teach us TWI JI – he is a knowledgeable source when it comes to TWI. His memory jogger on the subject is a truncated version of his workshop and it is super easy to navigate and jog your memory. It is well-organized so it is easy to jump to where you need help.

    With any memory jogger, it is a balancing act to keep it simple but also make it robust. I think Hugh does an excellent job balancing those extremes.

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