Six Sigma Memory Jogger II – 2018 Version

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This valuable pocket guide opens your team members’ minds to the power of Six Sigma to close the value gap between you and your competitors… Increase your company’s profitability…strengthen your market position.

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach makes the Six Sigma process transparent to users. Speed bumps are identified and explained to aid immediate understanding. Text is enriched with diagrams, charts, and tables. Information is presented with instructor-type questions and bulleted responses that cut quickly to the core of every issue. Thoughtful tips throughout head off misunderstandings before they can take root. Examples and cases clarify complex concepts.

The book was brought up to date in 2018 with revision #6 which kept all of the original tools and page flow. Three new tools were added, Confidence Intervals, Risk Assessment and Management, and Value Stream Map (VSM), along with an acronyms list and index.

The Six Sigma Memory Jogger II now contains over 40 tried and tested tools and techniques all in the classic Why use it?, What does it do?,  and How do I do it? Memory Jogger format to help you and your teams quickly and correctly make sustainable improvements to your business.


ISBN: 978-1-57681-044-6

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May 19th 2017

4 reviews for Six Sigma Memory Jogger II – 2018 Version

  1. Zachary P.

    This book helped me pass my Six Sigma in Business course for grad school. It was much more to the point than the other book we had to use. Save yourself the money and get this book instead of the full text books that are out there

  2. Beth D.

    Our company uses the Six Sigma Jogger book for our intro training. It does a nice job explaining the topics without being too dense. The way the topics are broken down is useful for easy adoption.

  3. John N.

    I would recommend this book for anyone in a role with Six Sigma

  4. George A.

    I’ve been using this book in my college courses for many years. The simple way the topics of Six Sigma are introduced and detailed in an easy to consume format is excellent. I ensure each of my students has a copy to take with them into their future roles.

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