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Sigma Magic is a powerful data analysis software that works right in Microsoft Excel. With over 130 tools for statistical and graphical analysis, Sigma Magic helps business excellence practitioners, change agents, and R&D design teams with improvement initiatives like Change Management, Lean, and Six Sigma.

It is incredibly easy to use as it is built into Microsoft Excel and has a consistent, practical user interface. The software directly selects analysis tools for novice users, and most analyses automatically check assumptions, generate graphs, and suggest conclusions.

Sigma Magic has best-in-class flexible pricing models. You can choose whether to purchase an annual license, or a perpetual license.

You can also purchase it at a discount of up to 20% in combination with The Complete Lean Six Sigma Handbook, and the PlanBase Hoshin and Scorecard software, for more details click here.

If you are interested in a shared license for Sigma Magic software across multiple users within your company please call GOAL/QPC directly and we’d be happy to meet your needs.

Check out some of the tools Sigma Magic software supports:

30-60-90 Plans, 5 Why analysis, 5S+ 1 Audit, A3 Report, Balance Scorecard, Bar Chart, Basic charts, Basic Stats, Benefit Effort Plot, Box Plot, C & E Diagram, C & E Matrix, Capability Analysis, Change Audit, Change Curve, Check Sheet, Closure Form, Coaching Model, Communication Plan, Compare Data Sets, Contour Plot, Control Charts, Control Plan, Correlation Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Culture Map, Design Scorecard, Discriminant Analysis, Distribution Identification, Dot Plot, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Factorial Design, Failure Modes & Effects Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Financial Benefits, Force Field Analysis, Format Data, GANTT Chart, Generalized Linear Model, Generate Random Data, Heat Map, Hierarchical, Histogram, Hoshin Analysis, Impact Assessment, Implementation, Individual Value Plot, Interval Plot, Is – Is Not Analysis, K Means, Kaizen Report, Kanban Analysis, Kano analysis, K-Nearest Neighbors, Leader Standard Work, Lean Maturity Audit, Linearity & Bias, Lot Acceptance Plan, Marginal Plot, Matrix Plot, Meeting Minutes, Mission and Vision, Monte Carlo Simulation, Multi Vari Chart, Multi Voting, Naive Bayes, Network Plot, Neural Network, Normality Analysis, OEE Metric, One Point Lesson, Optimization, Pareto Chart, PEST Analysis, Pie Chart, Pre-Process Data, Probability Calculations, Probability Plot, Process Map, Project Charter, Project Filter, Pugh Analysis, QFD Analysis, RACI Chart, Random Forest, Recursive, Regression Analysis, Relationship Diagram, Reliability Analysis, Repeatability & Reproducibility, Run Chart, Sample from Column, Sample Size Analysis, Scatter Matrix, Scatter Plot, SIPOC Analysis, SMED Analysis, Solution Matrix, Spaghetti Diagram, Stakeholder Analysis, Standard Work, Sustaining Change, SWOT Analysis, Taguchi Design, TAKT Time, Team Charter, Team Roles, Time Series Analysis, Time Series Plot, Time Study, Transform Data, Tree Diagram, Tree Map, TRIZ Solutions, True North, Value Stream Map, Waste Analysis, Waterfall Chart, Word Cloud, Work Combination, Workload Balance, and XG Boost.

Sigma Magic is developed and marketed by Rapid Sigma Solutions LLP and distributed by GOAL/QPC. With over a decade of experience and 10,000 downloads from over 50 countries, it is a powerful choice for business improvement.

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