The ISO 13485:2016 Memory Jogger

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The ISO 13485:2016 Memory Jogger is a quick reference guide, full of actionable information to give you only what you need, when you need it, for establishing, auditing, working in, and maintaining a medical device Quality Management System (QMS). It is intentionally written in plain English and indexed by section of the standard to help you get to the answer you need in the shortest time.

The Memory Jogger is packed full of techniques, templates, and links to communicate the ISO 13485 standard in the language your organization will connect with, leading to quicker adoption and increased comprehension and buy in. It is specifically formatted using the GOAL/QPC exclusive framework to see each section from every angle including:

  • Objective – To make sure you are focused on the most important things
  • What it is? – A no-frills approach to understand what the ISO 13485 standard is asking you to do
  • How to do it? – Step-by-step guidance on how to implement what the ISO 13485 standard is asking for
  • Tools and Techniques to achieve it – A whole toolbox of options to achieve each element
  • Documents to prove it – A list of audit verifiable evidence to prove that you did what was asked and that your QMS is performing effectively
  • Questions to assure you know it – A list of audit questions for each section to assure your organization understands the ISO 13485 standard and for the auditees to know how to answer
  • How can you fail at it? – Covering the most common ways to fail for each of the elements (based on 20 years of Quality Management Systems experience and hundreds of audits)

This book is designed to give useful guidance to every person in an organization operating in an ISO 13485 QMS. From the associates to the executives, including the quality professionals, the auditors, the auditees, the trainers and those being trained, this Memory Jogger will help them find the information they need quickly.

This Memory Jogger will help you jumpstart or optimize your ISO 13485 QMS by asking questions about what you are currently doing and making sure it is working well. It will help you connect the processes you are engaging in to run your business with the requirements of ISO 13485. It will enlighten you on the most common ways that ISO 13485 quality systems fail so that you can avoid the most frequent forms of failure. It will communicate the intent of the ISO 13485 standard throughout the organization so that people will know what is expected without supervision.

GOAL/QPC can also design custom covers for this Memory Jogger to match your company colors and branding and include a message from your company executives about the importance of the QMS to the business.


ISBN: 978-1-57681-217-4

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GOAL/QPC, Jeremy Hazel





Publication Date

September 13th 2019

3 reviews for The ISO 13485:2016 Memory Jogger

  1. Yasmin C.

    I had to come back to share how pleased my team and I are with this book. It does a great job breaking down the standard into easy to read interpretations and then goes on to tell you what you need to achieve it and documents you can use to prove that you’ve actually done it. It’s an excellent resource to have on your hands.

  2. Thomas S.

    Glad GOAL/QPC added this to the Quality Systems portfolio. A good addition in the standard format which makes is easier to understand and implement the new standards.

  3. Jack G.

    Great reference book for those in the medical device space. Definitely get a copy to reference throughout your journey to certification

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