The Active Change Memory Jogger


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Most books on change are aimed either at managers leading change or at consultants who will be facilitating it. This book is different. It is written specifically for the individuals who will be involved or impacted by the change. While change is inevitable, the people affected can have so much to give and so much to gain with a more active involvement in the change. The aim of this pocket guide is to help the affected individuals understand more about change and to enable them to become actively involved.

Instead of prescribing a defined methodology, this book offers a wide range of tools and techniques, 43 in total, that are designed as a toolbox into which the reader can dip at different stages of the change process they are experiencing; when the change is first announced, when the change is starting up, during the main body of the change, and as the change is coming to completion.  These practical tools and techniques are described using consistent “Why should I do this?”, “What should I do?”, and “How would I do this?” sub-sections with worked examples to help the reader quickly understand the tools and successfully apply them.

Change starts inside ourselves, with an acceptance that it is real and necessary, and a determination to make a positive difference. This pocket guide will help make sense of how you and others feel about the change and give you structured ways to understand how change happens and what you can do to help it (and yourself, and others) succeed. So make an eyes-open, positive choice to get involved and get out there. Be positive. Jump in. Read the book. Read it again. Keep coming back to it. And very soon you will be keeping up with the best.

If you are leading a change initiative or participating in a change program, why not have GOAL/QPC help you increase the awareness and motivation for the change in your organization. Simply supply us with specific information about your organization’s change program and we will add your information into the front of this Memory Jogger. You can then distribute this custom version of The Active Change Memory Jogger to every employee and enable them to easily refer to the “whys” of the change program along with the “how to get actively involved” in supporting the change. The increased awareness, understanding, and buy-in will guarantee you even more success in your change program. Contact GOAL/QPC to see how easy it is for us to help you succeed with your change program.

GOAL/QPC can also design custom covers for this Memory Jogger to match your company colors and branding and include a message from your company executives about the importance of the change initiative to the organization.


ISBN: 978-1-57681-240-2

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David Straker, GOAL/QPC





Publication Date

April 5th 2021


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