The “Original” Memory Jogger

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The Memory Jogger, A pocket Guide of Tools for Continuous Improvement, is the “original” Memory Jogger and is now available as a revision 31, 2018 version.

Check out the Table of Contents and some selected pages below.

This new revision adds further clarification and extra examples to some of the tools and brings the look and feel of this original Memory Jogger up to date with its peers. The seven classic continuous improvement tools are explained in easy to understand terms, with worked examples in each case. Other additional tools to help with team work and problem solving are included in the same easy to understand format. Together they make up an excellent set of continuous improvement tools for problem solving at all levels.

Help everyone in your organization improve daily the procedures, systems, quality, costs, and yields related to their jobs. With more than five million sold, The Memory Jogger is the perfect way to involve every member of your organization in continuous improvement and quality achievements.

  • Provide your teams with practical instructions on the classic continuous improvement tools
  • Learn from many examples of problem-solving techniques
  • Involve everyone in your organization using a convenient and easy-to-use reference tool book

Included tools you will learn: 
– Flow Chart
– Check Sheet
– Pareto Chart
– Cause and Effect Diagram
– Run Chart
– Histogram
– Scatter Diagram
– Control Chart
– Process Capability
– Brainstorming
– Stratification
– Nominal Group Technique
– Force Field Analysis

ISBN: 978-1-879364-03-5

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2 reviews for The “Original” Memory Jogger

  1. Ned A.

    Small book packed with just the key tools. Easy to use examples and explanations… Easy way to keep up to date on your CI tools

  2. Robert E.

    What a classic. This has been around since I first started in quality in the 90’s and it continues to be useful to this day. Now I give copies away to everyone starting in my unit so that they can benefit as well

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