Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification – On Site


Successful completion of this course will ensure the student has a good understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, Lean Six Sigma tools, the DMAIC process, and change management techniques and receives GOAL/QPC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.


Components Delivery method Duration
Introductory Materials Self-paced 8 hours
Training Modules Classroom, Instructor-led 8 days
Online Test Self-paced 2 hours


Program overview

The objective of this course is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification. The course is designed to provide foundation-level audiences with the ability to apply Lean Six Sigma tools and change management techniques that are used in typical Green Belt projects. The course material consists of introductory reading, thirty-four classroom training modules, and two tests. The course is delivered in two blocks of four days each and is only available in traditional instructor-led classroom format. The two training blocks are separated by about six to eight weeks. Students will be supplied with a set of the training slides, a copy of the GOAL/QPC Green Belt Memory Jogger, and a copy of the GOAL/QPC Lean Six Sigma Memory Jogger. This course is a prerequisite to Black Belt training. Maximum class size is 20 students.

GOAL/QPC is an IASSC Accredited Training Organization and an Accredited Curriculum Provider

GOAL/QPC has successfully met the requirements of the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) to be designated an Accredited Training Organization and an Accredited Curriculum Provider for the Black Belt and Green Belt program. This accreditation says to the world that the GOAL/QPC training program and Memory Joggers meet the standards established by IASSC.

Program outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the Lean Six Sigma methodology and principles
  • Understand Lean tools and the DMAIC methodology
  • Select the appropriate Lean Six Sigma tools for a particular situation
  • Successfully apply foundation-level Lean Six Sigma tools to improvement projects
  • Successfully apply techniques to manage change and transformation
  • Receive GOAL/QPC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification


Target audience

Foundation-level audiences who want to achieve Green Belt certification.  This is a rigorous course in terms of learning and applying learnings to real projects.

Language availability



Students should have a sponsor, a coach, and a completed, approved project charter for an appropriate Lean Six Sigma project before entering the course.

List of Training Modules

Section 0 includes the pre-work for the course. Section 1 includes the material for the first week of training. Section 2 contains the material for the second week of training.

Section GB/BB Module Title
0 GB/BB ILSS-01 Introduction to LSS
0 GB/BB ILSS-02 LSS infrastructure
0 GB/BB ILSS-03 LSS project selection
0 GB/BB ILSS-04 Project charters
0 GB/BB ILSS-05 Integral lean six sigma training outline
1 GB/BB ILSS-06 Voice of the customer
1 GB/BB ILSS-07 Business benefit assessment
1 GB/BB ILSS-08 Is / Is Not analysis
1 GB/BB ILSS-10 Change management
1 GB/BB ILSS-11 Process mapping
1 GB/BB ILSS-12 Data collection
1 GB/BB ILSS-13 Basic statistics
1 GB/BB ILSS-14 Introduction to Minitab
1 GB/BB ILSS-15 Measurement system analysis
1 GB/BB ILSS-16 Capability analysis
1 GB/BB ILSS-17 Risk management
1 GB/BB ILSS-18 Project management
2 GB/BB ILSS-19 Potential root cause identification
2 GB/BB ILSS-20 Process data stratification
2 GB/BB ILSS-21 Introduction to inferential statistics
2 GB/BB ILSS-22 Hypothesis testing
2 GB/BB ILSS-23 Potential solution identification
2 GB/BB ILSS-24 Solution selection
2 GB/BB ILSS-25 Introduction to DoEs
2 GB/BB ILSS-26 FMEA risk management
2 GB/BB ILSS-27 Lean tools for implementing improvements
2 GB/BB ILSS-28 Piloting solutions
2 GB/BB ILSS-29 Statistical process control
2 GB/BB ILSS-30 Lean tools for sustaining gains
2 GB/BB ILSS-31 Control plans
2 GB/BB ILSS-32 Validating improvements
2 GB/BB ILSS-33 Sustaining change
2 GB/BB ILSS-34 Project close-out

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