Inspiring Customer Confidence: Right Purpose and The Kanzen Approach


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It goes without saying that all organizations should strive to inspire confidence in their customers with respect to their fundamental business relationships and interactions with them. When those relationships involve suppliers and OEMs, the drive to inspire customer confidence is even more critical.

This book serves as an introduction to the concepts of quality management systems (QMS), ISO, the process approach and the right purpose. As an introduction it avoids much of the detail and the discussion as to how an organization should implement systems and processes. Rather, it is meant to illuminate and illustrate the reasons that commitment to achieving the right purpose of systems and processes can pay rewarding dividends.

The book raises and discusses important concepts, such as:

– “Right Purpose” – What is it and why is it important?

– Inspiring customer confidence as an organizational strategy

– Elements of an effective Quality Assurance System

– From putting the “customer first” to “inspiring customer confidence”

– The Kanzen Process Approach (“KPA”) and the KPA Turtle Diagram

– Making the management system visible and transparent throughout the organization

– When organizations experience failure

– How a company assesses or audits its own management system

– How is the customer best able to confirm that the conditions and situation are optimum for a positive interaction?

– Distinguishing between customer confidence and consumer satisfaction.

With compelling topics, reflections, questions and take-aways, this book will lead the reader to deeper thoughts and serve as a gateway to the “right purpose” journey. The Kanzen Process Approach (“KPA”) is recommended as the best approach for such a journey. When executives and managers know and utilize KPA they reduce risk, prevent failure and enhance the reputation of themselves and their customers. Everybody wins.

“Knowledge for knowledge’s sake is useless. It is the application of knowledge with the right purpose that has true value. Steve’s book deftly guides you on a journey to discover how the power of the Kanzen Process Approach can help you delight your customers.”

J. Scot Sharland
Automotive Industry Action Group

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