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Get yourself equipped with the tried and tested high quality Lean Six Sigma (LSS) trainer support package from GOAL/QPC. Whether you are starting out as an LSS trainer, or looking to add to your current training, GOAL/QPC has a comprehensive set of LSS trainer support materials to enhance your offerings.

This unique trainer support package includes 40 training modules, 11 exercises/case studies, 55 tool templates, The Complete Lean Six Sigma Handbook, Sigma Magic software, certification practice tests, and certification tests. You can pick and choose which elements could help you succeed.

Get the GOAL/QPC Lean Six Sigma Trainer Support Package today and be generating revenue with your valuable time instead of spending many long days developing and testing training materials.

Package Components Description
Lean Six Sigma Training Modules (40) Over 1100 PowerPoint slides in 40 separate modules, coded by Black, Green, and Yellow Belt level material, that you can edit and customize to suit your company and your style. One of the modules covers how to use the Sigma Magic Software for the LSS tools.
Exercises/Case Studies (11) 11 downloadable exercises/case studies for use during the training to enhance your students’ learning. (Included with the training modules purchase.)
Lean Six Sigma Tool Templates (55) 55 downloadable templates, mostly in Excel, with a blank tool template, a worked example, and creation guidelines either in the slides or in the template itself to help your students use the LSS tools successfully. (Included with the training modules purchase.)
Email support Email support for any questions you may have about the training package.
The Complete Lean Six Sigma Handbook Enhance your student’s learning and promote your company by handing out a customized copy of the popular GOAL/QPC Lean Six Sigma Handbook (326 pages of guidance on over 170 LSS tools and techniques). It is perfectly aligned with the training slides, and we can customize the covers to promote your company and your training.
Sigma Magic Software As a trainer you can get a free three month license to the Sigma Magic software. Your students can also get free access for three months while they go through the training. The easy-to-use Microsoft Excel add-in will enable you and your students to quickly and successfully produce over 130 Lean Six Sigma tools and analyses. (The full Sigma Magic software annual license is an optional extra to the training modules purchase.)
Black, Green, or Yellow Belt Certification Practice Tests Give your students access to the GOAL/QPC data bank of over 1000 Six Sigma questions and answers to enable them to test their Black, Green, or Yellow Belt knowledge. (10 attempts) (Optional extra to the training modules purchase.)
GOAL/QPC Black, Green, or Yellow Belt Certification Test and Certificate Give your students the chance to get GOAL/QPC certified with the GOAL/QPC Black, Green, or Yellow Belt certification test which includes an emailed certificate after successfully passing. (3 attempts) (Optional extra to the training modules purchase.)


List of Training Modules

Module Title # Slides # Templates
LSS-01 Introduction to LSS 34
LSS-02 LSS infrastructure 36 1
LSS-03 LSS project selection 20 2
LSS-04 Project charters 17 1
LSS-05 Voice of the customer 26 2
LSS-06 Business benefit assessment 17 1
LSS-07 Is / Is Not analysis 13 1
LSS-08 SIPOC 13 1
LSS-09 Change management 33 4
LSS-10 Process mapping 36 7
LSS-11 Data collection plan 22 1
LSS-12 Basic statistics 25
LSS-13 Introduction to Sigma Magic software 48
LSS-14 Measurement system analysis 37
LSS-15 Capability analysis 35
LSS-16 Risk management 17 1
LSS-17 Project management 30 7
LSS-18 Potential root cause identification 29 4
LSS-19 Process data stratification 29
LSS-20 Introduction to inferential statistics 43
LSS-21 Hypothesis testing 87 2
LSS-22 Potential solution identification 24
LSS-23 Solution selection 18 5
LSS-24 Introduction to DoEs 21 1
LSS-25 FMEA risk management 21 1
LSS-26 Lean tools for implementing improvements 56 4
LSS-27 Piloting solutions 21 1
LSS-28 Statistical process control 36
LSS-29 Lean tools for sustaining gains 27 3
LSS-30 Control plans 12 1
LSS-31 Validating improvements 17
LSS-32 Sustaining change 16 1
LSS-33 Project close-out 22 1
LSS-34 Non-normal data techniques 29
LSS-35 Advanced statistics 17
LSS-36 Advanced SPC and time series 24
LSS-37 2k full factorial DoEs 52
LSS-38 2k-p fractional factorial DoEs 25
LSS-39 Optimizing DoEs 28
LSS-40 Advanced team management 68 5


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