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Now you can test your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt knowledge as you prepare for any Six Sigma Black Belt certification test with unlimited practice tests and hundreds of practice questions developed by GOAL/QPC. You can experience a timed certification test when and where it is convenient for you. Discover your particular strengths and weaknesses in the DMAIC categories and get specific references to GOAL/QPC Memory Joggers to help you cover any knowledge gaps. Grow in confidence as you build your skills, take follow up tests, and check your progress.

The GOAL/QPC Black Belt Certification Practice Tests pull from a question bank of over one thousand unique questions. You can take up to ten (10) practice tests and each time you take a practice test you will be presented with a unique selection of questions from each of the DMAIC categories. The test questions have been developed by a team of GOAL/QPC authors, trainers, and subject matter experts and are in the style of formal certification test questions.

You can take a test in a timed environment similar to a formal test, or in a test-and-save mode, stopping if you wish to come back and resume at a later date. Each test simulates a formal certification test. The Black Belt Certification Practice Tests are open book and have 150 questions with a 4.5 hour total time allowance. At the end of each test you will get a test score and feedback on each of the questions. You can take up to ten (10) tests over as long a time period as you want with no limits or restrictions. And when you are ready you can take the Black Belt Certification Test.

GOAL/QPC has a world-wide standing in the world of quality and testing your knowledge against the Black Belt Certification Practice Tests will confirm your understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt DMAIC tools and methodologies and build your confidence.

A link will be provided via email within 1 business day of purchase of these Black Belt Certification Practice Tests for you to take the tests online at your convenience.

Please note that the Black Belt Memory Jogger 2nd Edition book is sold separately.


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