Lean Six Sigma Toolkits


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An innovative and interactive set of Memory Jogger visual learning cards and an educational exercise for Lean and Six Sigma.

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The Lean Six Sigma Toolkits are four sets of cards that together form an innovative and interactive set of Memory Jogger visual learning cards that will help you learn and apply the Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques quickly and effectively. There are 62 full color visual learning cards in the deck, explaining the key tools and techniques across four main topic areas: Lean, Six Sigma, Quality, and Statistics. Each card focuses on only the most important elements of the specific tool, with no extraneous material, making your learning more effective and efficient. There is also a card with the instructions for an educational exercise in the form of a game which reinforces the learning.

The Lean Six Sigma Toolkits equip you with a portable learning tool that you can carry with you to a quiet place of study, or to the source of the problem at work. Lay the cards out on the table as you discuss the problem with your team and ask,  What kind of problem is this? What tool would be best suited to solve it? How should we implement this technique? Experience how the visual impact of the cards helps with the discussion, tool selection, and buy in. Then watch as the team use the cards to ensure proper application of the tool or technique to solve the problem.

With the Lean Six Sigma Toolkits you can learn the tools using the provided learning exercise, create your own card games, improve your understanding of the Lean, Six Sigma, and Quality techniques, and keep the tools at the top of your mind for when you need them.


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