Lean Improvement Training – On Site


Overview – Lean Improvement is an innovative multi-day training course that teaches the theory and practice of 5S, A3, Spaghetti Diagrams, Process Mapping, and Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) in a unique and exciting learning environment. It develops participants’ knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for improving their work environment and processes using tried and tested improvement tools. Its modules cover, but are not limited to, 5S, spaghetti diagrams, starting a project, using data, project planning, process mapping, brainstorming, cause and effect diagrams, check sheets, charts, graphs, standardization, variation, histograms, scatter diagrams, control charts, and A3 charts. Each of these modules is taught and then applied in a challenging, hands on, and team learning environment. The course revolves around a unique simulation exercise into which the participants are transported on day one. Participants take on a new role working in a process in the fictitious company and for the next three days they work in teams in their new processes. They come together for brief lectures on the modules noted above and then return to their breakout rooms to apply the tools they have learned to improve their work processes. They are facilitated in the application of the methods and tools in their breakout rooms as they plan for and make real improvements to their environment and processes. Through the repeated application of the methods and tools they become confident and skilled in their ability to bring about significant process improvements. At the end of the course the participants will have demonstrated to themselves and their peers via the dramatic improvement in their work process performance their newfound lean improvement skills. 

Objectives – To become confident and skilled in the application of Lean Improvement methodologies, 5S, A3, Spaghetti Diagrams, Process Mapping, and PDCA.

Target Audience – The course applies to all levels of employees interested in improving their processes using data and proven scientific method. Upon successful completion participants will be able to lead or support a lean process improvement team or initiative.

Skill Building Exercises – The course centers on building skills and confidence in lean process improvement using each and every one of the tools taught. Each tool will be used several times during the course, using the real data from fictitious company. The simulation exercise enhances each participant’s knowledge and skills in the methodology and tools.

Program Format and Materials – This is a 3 day course and is designed to accommodate up to 24 participants divided into teams of five or six. The course involves 35% trainer presentation, 50% participant hands on application and 15% participant led presentation and discussion of learnings. Trainers ensure the participants get the necessary support to learn, practice, and feel confident in their new skills.  Course participant manuals and an improvement guide on the methodology are provided as needed. Simulation exercise materials to enhance the participants’ learning experience are also provided. Certification can be achieved through successful completion of the course and an optional exam.

Course Background – This course is the sole property of GOAL/QPC. The course won Hewlett Packard’s “Best Education” award and has been successfully delivered around the world. It continues to get excellent feedback, “The best course I have taken through my company, more effective and useful, and I had fun!”, “This experience is not only useful in the workplace but for personal benefit and knowledge” The material is continually reviewed, revised and improved based on changes in business, education, and customer, participant and trainer feedback.

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