GOAL/QPC Yellow Belt Certification – Online


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Now you can can become a GOAL/QPC certified Yellow Belt by taking and passing the GOAL/QPC Yellow Belt Certification Test online, in your own time. The test, which you can take up to three times, pulls from a question bank of over one thousand unique questions that have been developed by a team of GOAL/QPC authors, trainers, and subject matter experts in the style of formal certification test questions.

The test is open book and has 75 questions with a 2.5 hour total time allowance. At the end of the test you will get a test score and feedback on each of the questions. If you reach the pass mark of 80% you will receive GOAL/QPC Yellow Belt Certification status and we will email you your certificate to prove it!

GOAL/QPC has a world-wide standing in the world of quality. Measuring your knowledge against the Yellow Belt Certification Test will confirm your understanding of the Yellow Belt tools and methodologies and help build your career.

A link will be provided via email within 1 business day of purchase of this Yellow Belt Certification Test for you to take the test online at your convenience.

Please note that the Yellow Belt Memory Jogger book is sold separately.


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