Thoughtivity for Kids


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This book is a result of 16 years (Tatiana Sidorchuk) of teaching preschoolers, as well as 24 years (Nikolai Khomenko) of research in the area of TRIZ-based problem solving and teaching a wide variety of students: specialists of various organizations, PhD students and professors.

This book is dedicated to students of pedagogical colleges and for kindergarten teachers. It can also be used by parents.
Training sessions have explanations attached on how to apply training to children of various preschool ages, in accordance with
psychological peculiarity of each age.

This educational methodology brings the best results when applied systematically, beginning with three-year-olds. It provides three kinds of training, increasing difficulty with each year to develop new skills in accordance with the specific age of kids. The three subjects interacting with each other subjects are: methods of developing imagination, methods of developing goal-oriented problem-solving thinking, and methods of speech development. These methods have been organized into system that is described in this book.

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Tatiana Sidorchuk and Nikolai Khomenko



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