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A miracle is an event that seems impossible to be explained by natural laws, so it is regarded as supernatural in origin. When we are united with each other and our spiritual source, miracles happen. In this book, we discuss how members of work communities can consciously unlock and align their energies and create miracles. We call such phenomena work miracles. This phrase has two meanings, depending on whether work is used as a noun or as a verb. We use both meanings throughout the book.

This book’s five chapters contain discoveries about work miracles.

Chapter 1 – Awaken your Spirit

Chapter 2 – Expand your Potential

Chapter 3 – Lead with Energy

Chapter 4 – Create the Connections

Chapter 5 – Adopt a Discipline

Workplace community begins when people become aware of the unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving and collectively release them. A web of potential change is then woven, its strands being conscious individuals and honest relationships. This book interweaves real struggles with the strategies for achieving organizational, group, and individual transformations. If you have the desire to face obstacles that prevent you from unlocking your full potential and creating such a community, this book is for you.

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Cindy S. Schilling, Marta C. Wilson Ph.D., Stephen K. Hacker


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Desktop Guide (5 inches x 7 inches)

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December 2005