Conflict At A Glance


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Conflict will find you, whether you’re ready and equipped to handle it, or not!
Don’t leave it to chance how you deal with your everyday disagreements, long-established rifts, and out-and-out battles. A quick read from Conflict at a Glance! will help you understand common types of conflicts, body language, ineffective and effective dialog, and the power of good listening skills. You’ll learn the simple steps of a conflict management approach, whether you are cultivating a new mindset and way of interacting as a supervisor or as a member of a team or community group, or if you are mediating a dispute between other people.

This book is a working toolbox with real-world examples, checklists, self-tests, and tips. It fully describes 14 techniques for resolving disputes, (while still maintaining relationships), and six tactics for neutralizing toxic behaviors. It may well become a reference-at-the-ready in your pocket, briefcase, or pocketbook. This is an essential resource for:

  • Managers, team/project leaders
  • Customer service professionals
  • Community members and members of social groups
  • Family members, married couples and parents
  • Principals, teachers and students
  • Anyone who must maintain a good relationship with family, workers and supervisors, vendors and customers

ISBN: 978-1-57681-167-2

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