7QC Basic Tools Participant Guides – Full Set


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This is the complete set of 7 participant guides for each of the 7QC Basic Tools offered at a 14% discount to purchasing each guide separately.


Basic Tools Control Chart Participant Guide
Basic Tools Flowchart Participant Guide
Basic Tools Histogram Participant Guide
Basic Tools Run Chart Participant Guide
Basic Tools Pareto Chart Participant Guide
Basic Tools Scatter Diagram Participant Guide
Basic Tools Cause & Effect Diagram Participant Guide
The Memory Jogger 2 Off-the-Shelf Modular Training Materials provide instructions for the effective preparation and implementation of workshops to train everyone in your organization. Each Training Module covers a different tool and is written in simple, easy-to-understand language that explains the tool and its uses. Icons in the Instructor Guide assist the instructor in directing the workshop by pointing out suggestions for additional reading and resources, suggesting phrasing to explain key concepts, and providing specific page numbers in the Participant Guide that correlate to the matter under discussion.

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